Bring Me the Hearts

North England

Bring Me The Hearts

“It’s an album of instant West Coast, flower-powered favourites, elevated to celestial highs by the stunning vocals of Aoife Hearty..” – Mike Bradley London Peaky

“Leaves you with a wholesome sense of satisfaction that you’ve listened to a real record made with love, tenderness and a big old dollop of talent. Bravo..” – Listen With Monger

Formed during lockdown in the beautiful Peak District near Manchester, with a shared love of close vocal harmonies and soulful acoustic grooves, Bring Me The Hearts started by singing each others song ideas together when musicians were finally allowed to meet up again…

Joe, the keys player recalls, – “The whole project was born out of that time everybody remembers when everything was just suddenly frozen in time mid/late 2020. I’d literally like most musicians had all my tours cancelled, and like most of the world had all contact with one another stopped. After 15 years playing scratchy funk at gigs all over the states, which are crazy late night dance parties and when lockdown suddenly happened in a way it was so great to suddenly be still, at home and with no prospect of going anywhere, and to write something very different stylistically, more tempered and also vocal led 

After 6 months when people were allowed to meet again we started “Tuesday Music” club so Matt and Huw would join us in the shell of the studio which was under construction and we would open a bottle of wine (often the very apt brand Jamshed which nearly became the studios name) and share our songs. It was such a joy to be playing and meeting people again we immediately penned “Together Again” – the first single and no 2 on the album.

I also think as far as Aoife and I are concerned the reason this album is such a retro Americana sounding album is literally the amount of time spent in America in years previously as we had been over a few times with Rodina and of course I was over all the time with The New Mastersounds but to be making American sounding music that was more song-based was a real pleasure (although we managed to creep a couple of keyboards solos on somewhere ha!) Aoife who is the main singer says  I’d never sung in a band where everyone sings in harmony – it was great hearing old songs come to life with harmonies in the first get togethers..)

And so they started to arrange and record their songs at the fledgling studio into what would become their first album – Such comfort was found in the sessions by Huw (Guitar / Vocals) that he describes the sessions in the studio as like being in a sanctuary from other parts of life, which Matt, drummer echoes, – “It was a comfortable place to be, the lovely atmosphere of the surroundings really can out in the music…”  and Huw adds  What also made recording this album so special and different to other projects was the idyllic surroundings it was born out of.  Instead of loading into some urban concrete soul destroying complex and watching the clock, the band took their time in the Staffordshire countryside, allowing the music to breathe, to morph and mutate before settling into its final recorded form. Much jamshed was drunk.”

Stylistically the album ranges from the retro- 70’s soul groove of “Together Again” – described as “killer!”  by UK Vibe to the psychedelic trippy folk of “Watersigns” deemed “Cream of the Crop” by BBC Introducing and shades in-between from country to funk. 

The band have a range of influences hence the breadth in feel on the songs – Aoife, Irish-born singer is a fan of classic jazz singers such as Astrid Gilberto and Chris Connor, but also the material of guitar led rock / folk artists such as Jeff Buckley and The Fleet Foxes and the whole band between have countless influences from rock, soul and blues.

contain(s) some gems…definitely worth investigating” – UK Vibe

“Cream of the crop..” – BBC Introducing

Bring Me The Hearts release their eponymous debut album on October 27th on Vinyl / CD and online on Rodina Music.

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Aoife Hearty – vocals, Huw Jacob – Guitars and vocals, Matt Ryan – Drums and vocals and Joe Tatton – keys and vocals